• is 3000 times sweeter than sugar
  • is a flavor enhancer
  • is GMP approved – can be consumed by an infant of 6 months also
  • is a Protein
  • is used in ppm levels in applications and therefore imparts virtually zero calories
  • does not cause tooth decay
  • is heat and pH stable ​
  • masks the unsavory after taste of other sweeteners/molecules when used in combination ​
  • Packed at 2 to 10 degrees ​
  • It's a typo 2 to 10 degrees​
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Table Top Sweeteners

  • Thaumatin offers a healthier option
  • It needs to be used in ppm levels only
  • It imparts virtually zero calories

Pharma Industry

In pharma industry it is extensively used

  • - As a replacement for sugar


Thaumatin has great potential as a high intensity sweetener, a flavour enhancer or texture modifier in many of beverages intending to replace sugar and other artificial sweeteners.


  • Enhances, improves & prolongs flavours.
  • Helps to mask after taste of other high intensity sweeteners.
  • Thaumatin is heat stable

Dairy Products

Thaumatin when used in a zero-fat, low sugar yoghurt dessert, it will enhance the flavour & if it has any fruit flavours included it will enhance the fruit flavours used in that dessert.

Oral Care

Thaumatin can be used in oral care products, such as mouth wash & tooth paste as it

  • Is tooth friendly, doesn’t cause tooth decay

Chewing Gum

The fact that thaumatin has a longer lasting flavour is ideal in chewing gum manufacture

Thaumatin also enhances the sweetness profile & charcteristics of mint & other fruit flavours.


  • Thaumatin offers a healthier option
  • It needs to be used in ppm levels only
  • It imparts virtually zero calories


Thaumatin is extracted from the fruit arils of thaumatococcus daniellii. Extensive research has gone into the sourcing of the raw material. Fruits in one region are different from another region with respect to the size, protein content, maturity etc. Our scientists have done thorough studies on these, the agricultural pattern if cultivated, the effect of the soil,rain,the shade etc.

The technology adopted by us is unique and not practised by any other thaumatin manufacturer. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the product quality is maintained meticulously well.

Apart from pure thaumation, the company boasts of several other related products catering to a wide variety of applications covering beverages,confectionery, chewing gum,mouthwash,ketchup & sauces, tooth paste, chewing gum, sweets including a variety of traditional indian sweets, dairy including yoghurts and least of all animal feed too.

Our process is such that we do not use any organic solvents for extraction thus making sure that there is no trace of solvent residue in the final product.Further the process does not eject out any effluents and we have zero effluent discharge status.

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